N2/K1/K2 Reading Class

Reading is a good habit for kids. So we conduct the reading program for preschoolers to improve their independent reading ability and raise their interest in learning Chinese. Through our handpicked story book, interactive activities and printable worksheets to enrich a child’s vocabulary & leads to more highly-developed language skills.

In this class children will learn new words how to structure sentences and how to use words and language effectively.

K2 Essential Tools for Chinese

Does your child find Hanyu Pinyin, Z o e i u > confusing? For this age group, if your child has not fully grasped the usage, this is the right class for him/her! We will build on your child’s foundation on this Pinyin tool, and together with fun drills, your child will be well equipped with this essential tool of learning Chinese.

P1/P2 Treasury of words & Phrases

Is it difficult to learn Chinese? No, of course not if it is done correctly! This class is designed to add fun and promote interest in building your child’s “treasury of words & phrases” through vocabulary and comprehension exercise as well as “show & tell” activities. At the end of the day, your child will realize that reading Chinese is easy and learning Chinese can be cool and fun.

P2/P3/P4/P5 Vocabulary Building

Vocabulary Building & Comprehension: Does your child face difficulty when reading a passage or storybook? We will help your child to “build up his/her word bank” to overcome this difficulty and to use them correctly and effectively. Reading Chinese articles after this will be a breeze!

PSLE Intensive Preparatory Class

A specially tailored program based on PSLE format. Our experienced teachers will focus on teaching your child how to avoid common mistakes and impart examination skills and techniques to give them the confidence to take their examination. Recommended for those who wants to excel in the Chinese Language.

S3/S4 GCE “O” Level Preparation Class

A specially tailored program based on the “O” Level format. The focus will be on imparting examination skills and strategies as well as reinforcing the skills taught and using them effectively during the GCE “O” Level examination