PSLE Intensive Preparation

This programme is centered around the PSLE Chinese Language examination, with the sole purpose of preparing our students for the composition writing and Paper 2 components, particularly the cloze passage and comprehension sections, of the PSLE.

PSLE Oral Intensive Program

This programme is centered around the PSLE Chinese Language examination, with the sole purpose of preparing our students for the PSLE Oral examination.

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Special Program

2018 December School Holiday Program

Joy of Reading (N1-K2)

Reading is an important skill to master. Our programme:

  • Aims to improve their independent reading ability
  • Raises their interest in learning Chinese
  • Increases their vocabulary and proper usage of words
  • Builds understanding of sentence structures

Our hand-picked story books, interactive activities and challenging worksheets promote highly developed language skills.

Essential Tools for Chinese (K2/P1)

It is natural that a child this age gets confused between English alphabets and Hanyu Pinyin. This programme:

  • Helps your child differentiate between English and Chinese pronunciations
  • Teaches the correct intonations of Hanyu Pinyin through fun drills

Treasury of Words & Phrases (P1-P2)

Is it difficult to learn Chinese? No, of course not if done correctly! This class is designed to:

  • Add fun and promote interest in building vocabulary knowledge
  • Through various exercises like “show and tell” activitoes
  • Increases the variety of words known to them
  • Make them realise that Chinease is cool and fun

Vocabulary Building (P2-P5)

As your child moves up in his/her primary education, increasing his/her vocabulary is crucial. This programme:

  • Provides exposure to new words and phrases
  • Helps them better understand the proper usage of words and phrases
  • Allows mastery of idioms to help them in their composition writing and oral conversations

Creative Writing and Comprehension (P2-P5)

This class is highly recommended for students who struggle with composition and comprehension modules:

  • Small class size because these modules need a high level of attention and our teachers’ vigilant guidance
  • Guidance on different styles of composition writing
  • Focus attention on the proper answer construction for comprehension module

Excel in PSLE Chinese (P6)

An intensive PSLE programme to accelerate your child’s learning towards this critical examination:

  • Understand the common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Master the techniques of the different modules tested in the examination
  • Rigorous practice of weaker areas

Master PSLE Oral Examination (P6)

This programme will help PSLE students prepare for the new video commentary-style oral examination:

  • Gain proficiency on a variety of hot topics and video materials
  • Garner confidence through practice conversations
  • Be comfortable to communicate fluently and effectively during the oral examinations

‘O’ Level Preparatory / Oral programme (S3-S4)

A specially tailored programme based on the updated ‘O’ Level examinations syllabus:

  • Reinforce scoring skills and strategies
  • Meticulous attention towards weaker areas
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes