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Secondary 1 and 2

(Duration: 2hrs/week)

The first year at Secondary School is a huge year of adjustments. Young teens begin to slowly realise the changes which are ahead of them. They also need to adapt to a new learning style. Gone are the days when they were under the eagle-eye of their teachers. It is now up to them to take charge and ask questions.


For the Dandelions who have been with us through their Primary School, this style of teaching is not new to them. We have encouraged inquiry-based learning and critical thinking from an early age. Their journey continues as we level-up their learning experience with more topical discussions, ranging from local news to current world affairs. Our aim is to expand their experience beyond what can be found in their textbooks; to learn how to think and explore different thoughts and ideas; to be critical and have an opinion; to not only voice but construct and voice their opinions.


Our syllabus includes:


  • Reinforcing school syllabus 语文应用
  • Cloze Passage & Comprehension 阅读理解
  • Creative Writing 创意写作
  • Oral Drills 口语训练
  • Chinese Literature Appreciation 文学欣赏
  • Hot Topic Discussion 热门话题讨论
  • Exploring New Horizons 探索园地
  • Comprehensive Test 综合测试
  • General Revision 总复习
  • Mock Examination 模拟考