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Secondary 3 and 4

(Duration: 2hrs/week)

Like going through the PSLE, the Accomplished Dandelions will be going through yet another milestone in their educational careers – the O Levels. However, while the PSLE is text-based, secondary school chinese exams test their general knowledge and knowledge of current affairs. They are expected to use their mastery in the Chinese language to showcase their knowledge and express their opinions for the O level Chinese Exams.


It is a tough time for them, yet this is the fruition of the years of Dandelion Philosophy which has been instilled in them. Their nurturing teachers have instilled a positive mindset and honed critical thinking skills that are much needed to see them through this crucial stage. This has allowed our students to master the ability to articulate both verbally and in writing, and they are ultimately ready to succeed in their O Levels.


Our syllabus includes:


  • Reinforcing school syllabus 语文应用(高华)
  • Cloze Passage & Comprehension 阅读理解
  • Topic-based Practical Writing 创意写作
  • Passage Summarizing 片段缩写
  • Oral Drills 口语训练
  • Chinese Literature Appreciation 文学欣赏
  • Hot Topic Discussion 热门话题、事实讨论
  • Comprehensive Test 综合测试
  • General Revision 总复习
  • Mock Examination 模拟考