Start the PSLE Preparation Now!

Attention Parents of P3-P6 students!

The Chinese Language First Semester Examinations (SA1) are coming soon and we here at Xue Lin would love to work with your children to reach their exam goals.
Your children are in a significant part of their academic journey. When we compare the different levels of education, only in primary school do they have the freedom to focus more of their time building a concrete foundation for the Chinese Language. This foundation will be used regularly in the rest of their academic journey. Hence, we believe that by helping your children through this SA1 period, they will be able to pick up the essential skills to build that foundation as well as to score up to their potential.

When your children pick up these techniques, they will be more aware and prepared to face the papers. This will ultimately tie into them being a more confident student throughout their learning journey.

After a few months of exposing my daughter at the classes here, we were able to see a marked improvement and most important of all, she no longer rejects learning Chinese. We are truly satisfied with the approach and methodology that XueLin uses and best of all, the teachers here ‘care’ Parent of Audrey, Xue Lin student since 2015

Teachers are affable and capable. They made the Chinese language interesting and ‘conquerable’! They are able to pique the interest of young minds. For not only do they teach, they care. They know each kid and follow up properly over the years Parent of Kayla, Xue Lin student since 2014