Primary 1 and 2

This is where our teachers help our students – going over the text which is taught in school, plugging in gaps of understanding. In a small class of 8, our students feel more at ease asking questions and articulating their opinions.

Primary 3 and 4

It is a huge jump in the school syllabus from Primary 2 to Primary 3. Quarterly tests and semester examinations are now a big part of our students’ lives. To help our students master the skills of tests and examinations, our team of teachers have developed Key Scoring Skills (KSS).

Primary 5 and 6

Intensive preparation for PSLE starts in Primary 5. By now, our Flourishing Dandelions should have a firm grounding in the language. With the critical thinking skills they have learnt, they are more confident in the way they speak, write and face challenges that come their way.