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Primary 3 and 4

(Duration: 2hrs/week)

Our Flourishing Dandelions have now gone through 2 years of primary school life. Whilst the sights of PSLE are still relatively far away, Primary 3 and 4 is catch-up-and-build time. It is crucial that our Primary 3 and 4 students have a rock solid foundation in their mastery of the language – for those who need more encouragement and help, this is the time we ramp up their abilities. While we still focus on school texts, we expand and stretch the student’s capabilities with more complex comprehension pieces. Leveraging traditional stories, we not only build their vocabulary but also their understanding of the Chinese culture. Learning through stories helps build imagination and solidifies understanding of sentence structure. It also aids with understanding the finer usage of characters, all of which helps their composition writing and oral conversations.


It is a huge jump in the school syllabus from Primary 2 to Primary 3. Quarterly tests and semester examinations are now a big part of our students’ lives. To help our students master the skills of tests and examinations, our team of teachers have developed Key Scoring Skills (KSS). This is a set of skills which enables our students to better understand the questions set in front of them – for instance, the skill of answering questions and using specific keywords and phrases to frame their answers – ultimately garnering the necessary scores.


Our syllabus includes:


  • Reinforcing School Syllabus 语文应用
  • Creative Writing 写作小高手
  • Oral Communication 我口说我心
  • Video-based Discussion 录像讨论
  • Listening Comprehension 听力训练
  • Exploring New Horizons 探索园地
  • Different Question-Type Practice 专题训练
  • Topical Review 单元复习
  • General Revision 总复习
  • Mock Examination 模拟考


Writing & Oral Class (Duration: 2hrs/week)

The Chinese syllabus has evolved. Chinese composition and oral place a higher weightage on creativity. This class targets the 3 weakest areas we in most students – oral, comprehension and composition.


Composition writing doesn’t come easily for some students. Having to string sentences together in a thoughtful and meaningful way to make a story come to life is difficult. Our Primary 3 & 4 students are taught the intermediary of writing – starting from simple sentence construction to paragraph structuring. Our objective is for students to overcome the fear of writing and hone their skills of story-telling at the same time.


For comprehension, it is all about understanding: understanding the comprehension passage, understanding the different types and ways questions are asked, and understanding how to best answer these questions. From more difficult MCQ to cloze questions to open-ended questions, we expose our students to different types of passages, writing styles, question phrasing. Our objective is for students to understand what they read while at the same time increase their vocabulary, and tune their way of answering questions to what is expected of them.


We focus on the 3 weakest and most challenging areas students face. The syllabus covers:


  • Understanding the fundamentals of composition structure 文章结构
  • Different techniques of writing composition 写作技巧
  • Increase in vocabulary & contents 增加词汇量、丰富内容
  • Reading and pronunciation of characters 有感情朗读
  • Confidence & fluency in oral conversations 有信心、流畅的表达各种类型
  • Exposure to different comprehension questions 各类型阅读理解训练
  • Correctly answer comprehension questions 精准回答问题