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Preschool N2

(Duration: 1.5hrs/week)

Longitudinal studies by Harvard University confirm that learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children.


The 3 main activities for our Budding Dandelions are:


Sing-A-Long Songs

  • Build a foundation of Chinese vocabulary through songs
  • Sing along sessions to practice character intonations
  • Application words learnt through participation in simple conversations


Interactive Story-telling

  • Through slow paced and animated story-telling to boost character recognition
  • Journey into Chinese culture with carefully selected books
  • Distinguish the basics in Chinese sentence structure



  • Introducing the basic strokes of the Chinese characters
  • Understanding the stroke order and its rules
  • This helps to build a “feel” for writing Chinese characters and for Chinese spelling in future
  • Mastering proper proportions of each character