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Kindergarten K1 – K2

(Duration: 1.5hrs/week)

Having embraced the basics from their pre-school years, our little Dandelions are now ready to embark on their next journey. Adjusting to Primary School takes time, which is why we start seeding our Kindergarten programme with what they can expect at school.


Hanyu Pinyin

  • Distinguish the basic pronunciations of Pinyin – 认读声母、韵母
  • Joining the basic pronunciations to form words – 音节表训练
  • Identifying and practicing the 4 intonations – bā, bá, bă, bà
  • Association of Chinese character with Hanyu Pinyin


Tell-A-Story and Sing-A-Song

  • Reinforcing the words learnt as Budding Dandelions
  • Higher level story-telling and more complicated songs to increase vocabulary and word recognition
  • Practice articulation with tell-a-story sessions


Advancing Penmanship

  • Increase ability to write more difficult characters
  • Introduce stroke counting
  • Short sentence writing