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XueLin prepares the students adequately for normal school work and also for exams. The materials used are based on the school’s syllabus and at times more practice were given to me for areas that I am weaker in. The best chinese tuition class I could’ve asked for.



I remember at one point of time, my daughter was rejecting so much towards learning Chinese until she was not even interested to learn and write her own Chinese name. Despite numerous effort in self teach and engaging her in well-known, well-established centres; her impression over Chinese as a subject remained very negative. Through recommendation, we chanced upon XueLin. After a few months of exposing my daughter at the classes here, we were able to see a marked improvement and most important of all, she no longer rejects learning Chinese. We are truly satisfied with the approach and methodology that XueLin uses and best of all, the teachers here “care”.



Bringing out the best in our students

The foundation of our programmes is based on the MOE Chinese language syllabus. Whilst each lesson centres around what they learnt in school, we tailor it to deepen the understanding of each chapter – providing more context to the words and phrases taught. The weekly practice papers further reinforces what they learn in class and at the same time challenges our students to think and analyse what they have learnt. Active and interactive participation are greatly encouraged in class so students can apply the disciplines of sentence structure, correct usage of words, idioms and phrases. The mastery of oral communication, creative thinking and an active imagination enhances the students ability to put pen to paper. This has shown marked improvement in our students composition and situational writing. Fostering a love for reading is another area which we focus on in our classrooms – building their character recognition, increasing their vocabulary and understanding which word with the same meaning is used in what context.

About Us

Dear Parents, Welcome to XueLin Learning Hub! We believe the success of our students is based on a motivational and fun-filled learning environment, an inspiring teaching team and active participation in our holistic programmes. At XueLin, we help children better understand and appreciate the Chinese language. Working in small groups, our students learn faster as they interact with their teachers and peers. Our system of bringing each student through the school syllabus at their own pace allows them to better understand what is being taught at school, thus making Chinese classes at school and at XueLin easier for students to comprehend. When children understand better, they develop a greater appreciation for the language. This is why we chose the Dandelion to symbolise our school. The bright yellow Dandelion radiates cheer and thrives even in the toughest conditions to travel long distances. This is our school’s philosophy and it is what we hope for our students to achieve in their learning path “the ability to succeed and rise above life’s challenges with the joy that comes with learning.” We would like to invite you and your children to come experience our vibrant and exciting learning hub. Working with us to bring to life for your child the Dandelion Philosophy. Eileen Ang & Wang Qun Founders of XueLin Learning Hub

Our Story

My name is Eileen Ang. Together with Wang Qun, a native of Nanjing China, we established XueLin in 2010 and registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Between us we have 3 teenage children now studying in top universities around the world. One of the girls is hearing impaired but against all odds is now thriving in a local Junior College. Growing up in Singapore and in an environment where our children primarily communicate in English, we understand the challenges they and their friends face learning the Chinese language. Academic achievement is the main priority of our school children and as parents we look for all means to help our children achieve this. Even being bilingual and having a great grasp in the language, believe me our children struggled too. However Wang Qun and I hold fast our philosophy of the Dandelion, being small but resilient, rising to challenges and doing this in a positive and fun manner. Teaching our children not just the academics of the Chinese language, but also the beauty of the culture and heritage. This affected the way they learn, their passion and quest for knowledge, the ability and attitude for them to excel, not just in Chinese but in everything they do. It is this same philosophy that we bring to XueLin – to the teachers we train and the students we teach. From the start, Wang Qun and I set up XueLin not with the intent to build a business empire. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation and passion for the Chinese language in our students – fostering articulate, motivated and confident learners

Our Teaching Team

For us teachers are not just here to deliver a lesson or correct assessment books. Our teachers are specially selected for their passion in teaching and embracing our Dandelion philosophy – to help every individual child the best they can. To first and foremost understand each individual child’s needs; how he/she learns and the type of learners they are. This is so they can better tailor their teaching styles to suit their charges’ needs and pace. Whilst our teachers teach the fundamentals of the language, they also encourage the students to be independent thinkers, to motivate and encourage their enquiring minds, and ultimately show them the path to their individual successes. This is how we at XueLin measure our and our teachers’ successes when time and time again we see the fruits of labour when our little dandelions blossom and take flight into the next chapters of lives.

I have to thank Eileen and her team of dedicated teachers. For not only do they teach, they care. They know each kid and follow up properly over the years. Being a girl who is socially not as forthcoming as most kids, it is my tremendous relief and joy to see her gaining confidence and blossoming in XueLin.



Preschool N2- Budding Dandelions

For our budding dandelions, our programme aims to make learning the chinese language easy and enjoyable. Proven by Harvard University, the minds of young children become more flexible, creative and critical in thinking upon learning new languages. We firmly believe in the importance of appreciating the art of the chinese language and we would be glad to provide them with a strong fundamental to enable them to harness the beauty of language in the early stages of their lives.

By providing the children with interactive songs and story telling, we wish to spark interest in them, developing their love for the chinese language. With basic penmanship, we will equip our budding dandelions with good writing habits, that will be beneficial in the long run as they grow.

Kindergarten K2 – Little Dandelions

Having embraced the basics from their preschool years, our little Dandelions are now ready to embark on their next journey. Adjusting to Primary School takes time, as such we are here to give them a head start into the next chapter in their lives, acquiring them the confidence they would need.

We hope to further develop their knowledge and appreciation with advanced penmanship and the introduction of Hanyu Pinyin, also dramatically improve their creativity with thought-provoking activities, such as Tell-a-Story, that would nudge their neurons and allow them to blossom into beautiful and innovative thinkers.

Primary (Flourishing Dandelions)

Primary School is the start of our now Flourishing Dandelions “real school” life. It is both an exhilarating time as well as highly stressful 6 years of their lives. Given the right foundation, the necessary encouragement and guidance, our students thrive. We are here to help them along the way and all the way.

The foundation of our Primary curriculum is built towards the all-important PSLE examinations. Our syllabus follows closely the school texts to reinforce and enhance what our students learn in school – especially for those weaker in the language. For stronger and higher Chinese students we challenge them to deepen their grasp. Our ultimate goal for our Flourishing Dandelions is to be critical thinkers, confident and articulate, and achieve academic success.

Secondary (Accomplished Dandelions)

PSLE is over and the next adventure begins. Our Flourishing Dandelions are now taking the big leap towards adolescents and adulthood. It is time for change: new school, new friends, new teachers, on top of which – 4 new subjects. As an Accomplished Dandelion, they also go through a host of emotional, mental and physical changes. The once chirpy and talkative dandelion is now quiet and sullen.

Given the pressures of school, a sense of new found freedom and mood swings, it is easy for young teens to go awry. We take this opportunity to open our doors to our Secondary School students to invite them to “hang out” at XueLin. With our teachers as mentors, we help our Accomplished Dandelions to meander through this difficult and tumultuous time. We also understand, at this age, they do not want to be told what to do and what not to do. Rather they want their opinions heard. We channel this energy to help them vocalise in a positive way; help them concentrate their efforts on ultimately their next milestone – their “O” Levels.

Intensive Training

There is no such thing as a student as every student would eventually meet hurdles they find difficult to overcome. We wish to make such obstacles possible for them.

Our specialised intensive training is designed to target each student’s weaknesses, preparing them for the upcoming semester, granting them the confidence they require to score for the Chinese language. Utilizing a wide range of cultural lessons, we aim to also provide our students with an enriching and fulfilling holiday, one they would never forget.

Xuelin Dandelion Philosophy

                                                  Discerning the needs of each XueLin student

                                                  Applying programmes to suit the learning needs of each XueLin student

                                                  Nurturing and passionate teachers to bring out the best in each XueLin student

                                                  Directing focus through conducive learning environment

                                                  Establishing a learning pace that accommodates each XueLin student’s attention span

                                                  Laying a strong Chinese language and cultural foundation

                                                  Instilling an aptitude for critical thinking and independent learning

                                                 Orchestrating platforms to motivate peer discussions to improve articulation

                                                 Noteworthy success of XueLin student

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