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Chinese Language is hard?

Chinese Language is boring?

Well, you are not learning it the right way.

And we are here to help.

Scoring ‘A’ is always an achievable goal, regardless how weak your foundation is at the moment.



Does studying harder and doing more exercise papers actually help?

The answer is no, in fact, this will increase the child’s resistance towards Chinese as it will give them the impression that Chinese Language is hard and boring. This mindset is usually an obstacle for learning Chinese, therefore, what we need to do is to learn the language the right way.

As we always quoted. When You Love A Subject, Learning Is Fun


The Right Method

Learning Chinese using the right method will not only improve examination results tremendously, it can also make the learning journey feel fun and entice the interest of students towards the subject.

Just like how every chef have a secret recipe, XueLin have secret ingredients to be able to come this far too. Our secret is to make the learning journey as fun as it could be. We have been practicing this method for 9 years and it has been proven that it works. We have since been awarded 9 years of excellence track records.

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A diagnosis will help to find out at which area that the child is weak at and what could be the possible obstacle that he encounters and hence we may find the right way to help the child to improve and boosting his confidents.

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Proven Track Record

At XueLin Learning Hub, we had developed a training method that is proven to work. We have tried it out for years and have been improvising it to include elements of the life of younger generations such as the things they see, hear and touch in their daily lives. We have also finetuned the syllabus to meet the latest curriculum requirements, and doing so on a regular basis of twice a year.

And the results are

99% of our primary school students scoring ‘A’ or ‘A*’ for Chinese in their PSLE

99% of our secondary school students scoring ‘B3’ to ‘A’ for O-Level Higher Chinese


Our Proud Moment

What really make us proud however is not the scores, but the fact that we do not choose our students. As long as you are willing to learn, we are happy to teach, in other words, we do not reject students just because they do not meet minimum standards. We have had a student who had just scored 4 marks in school tests, though, through patient guidance, he overcame all obstacles. On which one day he told our tutor,“I love learning Chinese.” That was the proud moment.


Our Secret

Chinese language is a beautiful language which is rich in history and culture over 5000 years. Throughout these years, it underwent many revolutions, culture influences and changes, till the language itself has evolved to what it is today, having strong influence in many parts of Asian culture. At XueLin, we would want the students to understand Chinese culture in various aspects and let them understand the value of these cultures. Allowing them to broaden their understanding of the language not only in the language prospect. As a result, students can discover the beauty of the language and hence their passion towards it.

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When You Love A Subject, Learning Is Fun!

What You Will Learn

  1. Improvement of Chinese vocabulary and how to make use of them correctly
  2. Being able to express oneself in Chinese
  3. Creative writing – Learn how to capture the readers’ attention with words and structure of composition.
  4. Scoring points – Learn how to steadily score good points without inconsistency in scores.


Our Learning Method
At XueLin Learning Hub, we have implemented our DIPRL method for years and we saw excellent results.


  1. Diagnosis

Systematic diagnostic assessment that allows us to evaluate students at 4 aspects: (1) understanding (2) vocabulary (3) expression difficulty (4) answering technique.


  1. Implementation

Weak point targeted strategy is implemented focus on improving the Focus on the weak points, focus at bringing up the students standard as well as results.


  1. Progressive

advancement in all aspects and improvement in results and foundation of the language. Building up the interest and confident of students towards the subject and reach students short term goals.


  1. Reflection

Students enter a stage where they are managed to learn and understanding weakness through own learning experiences and may proactively seek tutors for guidance.


  1. Leverage

Intensive training specially targeted at each students’ weaknesses, preparing them for the upcoming semester. With a wide range of cultural lessons, we aim to provide our students with an enriching and fulfilling holiday.






About Us

My name is Eileen Ang. Together with Wang Qun, a native of Nanjing China, we established XueLin in 2010 and registered with the Ministry of Education Singapore. Between us we have 3 teenage children now studying in top universities around the world. One of the girls is hearing impaired but against all odds is now thriving in a local Junior College.



Growing up in Singapore where our children primarily communicate in English, we understand the challenges they and their friends face learning Chinese. Academic achievement is the main priority of our school children, and as parents we look for all means to help them achieve it. Believe me, even though Wang Qun and I are both bilingual and have a great grasp of the language, our children struggled too. But we held fast to our philosophy of the Dandelion: being small but resilient and rising to challenges in a positive and fun manner. We taught our children not only the academic components of the Chinese language, but also the beauty of its culture and heritage. This affected the way they learn, bringing out their passion for knowledge and the ability to excel – not just in Chinese but in everything they do. It is this same philosophy that we bring to XueLin – to the teachers we train and the students we teach.



From the start, Wang Qun and I set up XueLin not with the intent to build a business empire. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation and passion for the Chinese language in our students – fostering articulate, motivated and confident learners.





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When You Love A Subject, Learning Is Fun.