My current teacher has been teaching me for 3 years now and I feel that she is very helpful in terms of guiding me and helping me to build a stronger Chinese foundation. She has in depth knowledge of the Chinese syllables for secondary schools and teaches us based on the school syllabus. This enabled me to be sure of the skills and knowledge needed to ace on exam.

Furthermore, she is also very engaging in class and tells us about her life stories from time to time. This makes class so much more entertaining and less boring.

XueLin prepares the students adequately for normal school work and also for exams. The materials used are based on the school’s syllabus and at times more practice were given to me for areas that I am weaker in. Especially for areas such as oral where a video is needed, having more practice was be immensely beneficial for me not as much practice was given to me from school. Practice was given to me for all aspects of the Chinese subject that are examinable. This allows me to be fully prepared for any Chinese exam.