My name is Eileen Ang. Together with Wang Qun, a native of Nanjing China, we established XueLin in 2010 and registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Between us we have 3 teenage children now studying in top universities around the world. One of the girls is hearing impaired but against all odds is now thriving in a local Junior College.



Growing up in Singapore, in an environment where our children primarily communicate in English, we understand the challenges they and their friends face learning Chinese. Academic achievement is the main priority of our school children, and as parents we look for all means to help them achieve it. Believe me, even though Wang Qun and I are both bilingual and have a great grasp of the language, our children struggled too. But we held fast to our philosophy of the Dandelion: being small but resilient and rising to challenges in a positive and fun manner. We taught our children not only the academic components of the Chinese language, but also the beauty of its culture and heritage. This affected the way they learn, bringing out their passion for knowledge and the ability to excel – not just in Chinese but in everything they do. It is this same philosophy that we bring to XueLin – to the teachers we train and the students we teach.


From the start, Wang Qun and I set up XueLin not with the intent to build a business empire. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation and passion for the Chinese language in our students – fostering articulate, motivated and confident learners.

Xuelin Dandelion Philosophy

Discerning the needs of each XueLin student

Applying programmes to suit the learning needs of each XueLin student

Nurturing passionate teachers to bring out the best in each XueLin student

Directing focus through conducive learning environment

Establishing a learning pace that accommodates each XueLin student’s attention span

Laying a strong Chinese language and cultural foundation

Instilling an aptitude for critical thinking and independent learning

Orchestrating platforms to motivate peer discussions to improve articulation

Noteworthy success of XueLin students

Our Teaching Team

For us, teachers are not just here to deliver a lesson or grade assessment books. Our teachers are specially selected for their passion in teaching and embracing our Dandelion philosophy – to help every individual child the best they can. Their first and foremost objective is to understand each individual child’s needs – how he/she learns, all so that they can better tailor their teaching methods to suit their charges’ needs and pace.


Whilst our teachers teach the fundamentals of the language, they also encourage their students to be independent thinkers, motivate and encourage their enquiring minds, and ultimately show them the path to their individual successes.


Time after time, the fruits of our labour come from watching little dandelions blossom, taking flight into the next chapters of their lives.

Our Curriculum and Learning Centre

Children are easily distracted. This is why we are careful to provide the right stimulation in our classroom settings. Our classrooms are brightly lit to help awaken the senses of the children when they step in. It also allows free flow of movement, encouraging the children to interact and participate in discussions. Our students learn the fastest during these discussions, mastering the disciplines of the language while teachers have the opportunity to gently guide and correct them.


We keep our class sizes small to maximise the student teacher ratio and also provide more attention to those in need. Every child is encouraged and given the opportunity to participate actively. We even add a little healthy competition to push them a bit further, all of which helps their oral communication.


Our curriculum is based on the school syllabus, so that they are able to catch up with what is taught in school. Being in school classroom of 30 – 40 children can be daunting and many children get lost in the crowd, too shy to speak out. By going through the school syllabus, our students can fully grasp the meanings behind the words, sentences and passages. They master the strokes of each new word they learn. They understand in better context how to use these words and phrases, and the disciplines of sentence structuring, to excel in their composition writing.


We monitor closely each child’s progress, providing more challenges to those who are ready, slowing the pace and increasing the attention for those who need help.


Our holiday supplementary classes are available to help students who lag behind or to prepare for their upcoming assessment tests and exams. These week-long classes are crucial for students who need a boost to fully immerse themselves in the Chinese language. There is no better way of learning but the regular and consistent usage of the language.


We also encourage participation and feedback from our parents and our student’s school teachers. It is a learning journey for us as well, and we embrace all the feedback we can get, our ultimate goal being to do what is best for our students.