Merry Christmas!

The year is coming to an end! This means that 2019 lessons are about to start! Why wait till next year to register your child? Registration for 2019 lessons are open now. 


The wonders of learning at Xuelin Learning Hub

We Teach

Because We Care


Our programme focuses on developing foundational language skills – all within a fun and stimulating learning environment.


Given the right foundation, the necessary encouragement and guidance, our students thrive. We are here to help them along the way, all the way.


Given the pressures of school, it is easy for young teens to go awry. We take this opportunity to open our doors to our Secondary School students to invite them to “hang out” at XueLin. 

Special Programs

Intensive training specially targeted at each student’s weaknesses, preparing them for the upcoming semester. With a wide range of cultural lessons, we aim to provide our students with an enriching and fulfilling holiday


Xuelin Bukit Timah

Xuelin Marine Parade