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PSLE is over and the next adventure begins. Our Flourishing Dandelions are now taking the big leap towards adolescence and adulthood. It is time for change: new school, new friends, new teachers, on top of which – 4 new subjects. As an Accomplished Dandelion, they also go through a host of emotional, mental and physical changes. The once chirpy and talkative dandelion is now quiet and sullen.


Given the pressures of school, a sense of new found freedom and mood swings, it is easy for young teens to go awry. We take this opportunity to open our doors to our Secondary School students to invite them to “hang out” at XueLin. With our teachers as mentors, we help our Accomplished Dandelions navigate through this difficult and tumultuous time. We also understand that at this age, they do not want to be told what to do and what not to do. Rather they want their opinions heard. We channel this energy to help them vocalise in a positive way; help them concentrate their efforts on their next milestone – their “O” Levels.


We care about and reinforce their development of abstract thinking, critical thinking and comprehensive thinking. Most importantly, we ensure they gain a strong awareness of real-world applications of the Chinese language.


As ‘O’ Level Chinese students need different exam help and support, we vary our teaching approach accordingly and provide a variety of training opportunities to develop improved competency towards their last step into the examination hall.