Start the O Levels Preparation Now!

Accelerated O Level Intensive Chinese Preparation Program

Attention O Level Students!
You have been through your 4-5 years of Secondary education and are getting ready to take your O Levels. This year is a decisive year for you and we at XueLin are here to help you.
We have specially designed our Accelerated O Level Chinese Preparation program (3 hours per week) to provide you with all the strategies and tools you need to get prepared. From helping you better understand the format of your upcoming examinations to using the right tactics to answer your questions. Every mark helps and this is where our expertise comes in:

– Flushing out the common mistakes made so you can avoid these pitfalls
– Capitalising on the typical questions asked to gain those critical extra points
– Best ways to answer each question and vital words/phrases you need to use

If you are concerned about your current Chinese scores. If you are still unclear about any aspects of your upcoming O Level Chinese exams. Or if you just need that further brush up. Come join us. We are holding classes to help you address these needs.

$40/hour for Written Paper Intensive

$50/hour for Oral Intensive (Registration is open but lessons only begin in June)

Come join us today and let our XueLin teachers help you through your O Level examinations. For more information, please call us at 64665400/63635400 or send us an email at

My current teacher has been teaching me for 3 years now and I feel that she is very helpful in terms of guiding me and helping me to build a stronger Chinese foundation. She has in depth knowledge of the Chinese syllables for secondary schools and teaches us based on the school syllabus. This enabled…

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Previously, I had no interest in Chinese and found the subject difficult to understand. Thankfully, my mother signed me up for this tuition class and I started to find joy in learning Chinese. The teacher gets to know each student personally and tries her best to help us with our mistakes and always find ways

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